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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a monthly membership?

No! You are welcome to purchase a 10x punch pass which will allow you the flexibility of dropping in when you want and not having to commit to a monthly membership. We ask that you book your time slot just so that you know you will have a space when you come in to do your workout. We recommend you to get a Boxing BC Membership if you are planning on participating in any of our technical boxing classes which will provide you insurance through the sport organization ($20/year).

If you are interested in competing please talk to the coach to find out which membership works best for you.

Where can I get a Boxing BC Membership and how much is it?

Our youth classes and all competitive athletes need to get their Boxing BC Membership so they are covered under sport insurance. They can be purchased at

Recreation $20
– No Age Limit
– No Competition

  • Competition (Medical Required)
    Initiation $75 8 – 10 yrs
  • Junior $75 11 – 16 yrs
  • Youth $90 17 – 18 yrs
  • Elite $100- 19 – 40 yrs
  • Master $100 – 41+ yrs
Am I required to come workout at any particular time?

No! We offer flexibility for your workouts so you can come in and do your training whenever you are available. We will have daily workouts for you to complete utilizing the various equipment in the gym or you can come in and do your own individual workout as you please.

Hours of open gym time are Monday to Friday 6 – 9pm

Do you offer one-on-one training?

Yes! Coach Shawn is available to do one-on-one boxing skills training at a low rate, please contact the gym to discuss your needs or check out the Private Training link in the menu

How much are hand wraps and gloves?

Hand wraps are $20, Gloves range from $80-$200. We highly recommend purchasing hand wraps and gloves if you decide to continue with the sport.

What will my workout look like?

When you come into the gym you will put on your hand wraps and do a warmup which will get you ready for your workout. Coach will walk you through the skills that you will be working on in the session and then you will then follow the “Workout of the Day” which will be formatted as 2-minute rounds and will get you working on the double end bags, the heavy bags, the speed bags as well as some time with the coach doing mitts. You will finish up with a stretch to prevent any injury.

What if I get a membership and the gym just is not right for me?

If you are on a month-to-month payment schedule then no worries! You can cancel at any time but please note there will be no refunds if you cancel in the middle of your membership month. Your start date will be the day you register and payments will come out each month on that day.

If you are on one of our contracts then you can cancel at any time but you will be required to pay a penalty for leaving your contract.

Do you have classes for kids and teens?

Yes! We offer after-school classes for kids and teens! Let us know if you are interested in these classes so that we can develop the best program for what you are looking for!

How much is the drop-in?

You sure can! Drop ins are $25. A waiver form will need to be signed prior to starting class.